8 performances from Dec 8…

“L’enfer, c’est les autres!”

Prepare for one of the oldest games on the planet:

  • Garcin, the croupier
  • Inez, the dice thrower
  • Estelle, the vamp

It takes three to play!

A vigorously dramatized and topical take on the provocative classic by veteran stage director Ed Hooks

JÁ Academy Events!

We kick off our cycle of JÁ Academy activities for 2022-2023 with an exciting workshop from U. Lisboa!

JÁ’s Academy events are run in collaboration with invited teachers and other theatre partners and artistic organizations.

JÁ has always sought to stretch theatrical form…

sometimes by blending different media (sound, projection and local movement)

sometimes by linking stories by different authors (III, Jagged).

This year, in the Playback Theatre workshops we are hosting with U.Lisboa, psychological practice will meet thespian craft.

We will explore the inner truths and emotions that drive characters, and the external reality against which those truths and emotions butt their heads.

Playback Theatre

This workshop will run every Friday for 4 months!

begins 28 October 2022

Enrol now by writing to ultimacto.93@gmail.com

Tania’s Digital Coffee Talk

Tania directed Já’s very first show in Lisbon in 2017: a double bill of Chekhov’s “The Bear” and Oscar Wilde’s “A Florentine Tragedy”.

On 14 October, as part of our EU-sponsored Theatre in Palm activities, she reflected – in a Digital Coffee Talk – on the experience of working with a variety of emerging artists on that show, and spoke about the challenge of creating the visual worlds of these two very different plays.
Check out our Archive to see a recording of the talk.

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