On the radio in September!

In September, Já will team up with Voz Online to broadcast Suresh’s bilingual radio play “Luz Diáfana”,

which tells a story from the twilight days of the Estado Novo….
Stay tuned for updates!

As Portugal teeters on the brink, and passions burn, the lives of four people are swept up in the heady currents of revolution…

*Luís: At university the shy Luís was in awe of the sassy Ana and the charismatic Carlos. When Carlos disappeared after university, Luís managed to persuade a vulnerable Ana to marry him. Now their rocky marriage is barely hanging together. Luís works for the PIDE…
*Carlos: A Maoist, he was recruited for the cause by the Nun, a legendary spy who works for the Soviet Union. After 5 years fomenting insurgencies in Portuguese Africa, Carlos is back in Lisbon for one last big assignment…
*Ana: had a soft spot for Carlos when she was younger and was hurt when he suddenly disappeared. When she receives a phone call from him saying “I’m back”, old emotions surface and she is thrust into a web of intrigue…
*Isa: A doctor and a poet, Isa was in love with Luís at university but then he married Ana. When she runs across him anew, old feelings stir. Meanwhile, she is coopted by the Hun, a British intelligence operative for whom Portugal is a playground where he can spar with the Nun.


As their lives and loves intersect in the unrest of the late 1960s, events begin to spiral out of control….

1 episode each week, 8 episodes in total

Producer: Já International Theatre

Actors (in order of appearance):

* Luís: Gui Pimentel
* Ana: Inês Chora
* Carlos: António Pedro Lima (3 episodes)/ João Harrington Sena
* Isa: Maria Romana
* The Hun: Mick Greer
* The Nun: Pat Butler

* Music by Joaquim de Brito aka Shaka
* Editing by Damien Sousa-Murphy
* Written and Directed by Suresh Nampuri

Autumn workshops!

In April, Já partnered with Bluebird Theatre Company to host an online acting workshop.
Its success has prompted us to look at setting up a regular series of presential workshops beginning in October.
Stay tuned for updates on that.

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