Fri 7 & Sat 8 September…

Coarse, funny and brutal, Celebration (2000) is an acid bath that luxuriously flays the skin off its characters.

The action is set in a swanky London restaurant, catering to the well-heeled, at the turn of the millennium. At one table sit sisters Julie and Prue and their husbands, brothers Lambert and Matt; they are celebrating Lambert and Julie’s wedding anniversary.

These people are obviously wealthy, but we don’t know how they acquired their wealth. Lambert and Matt, vaguely thuggish characters with East London accents, claim to be strategy consultants. At another table are the insecure and emasculated banker Russell and his wife Suki, an unapologetic chancer, if ever there was one.

Power and sex are key themes in Pinter. These diners are shallow non-persons, moneyed but unscrupulous. They patronize a restaurant whose purpose is to indulge their vainglorious needs… an all-purpose brothel for the morally vacuous. Their hollowness shows in the almost total lack of warmth between the diners. If there is one thing that the clientele of this restaurant share, it’s disdain… expressed in venomous sharp-tongued barbs.

Cutting through this poisonous swathe are Ricardo (the elegant owner of the restaurant), Sonia (the bright and brittle maîtresse d’), and an introspective, troubled Waiter, who occasionally interrupts the action to launch into fantastic and at times absurd reminiscences about his grandfather.

Friday 7 Sept at 21.00
Saturday 8 Sept at 21.00

Tickets : €6 seated, €2 standing
Complimentary glass of wine!

To reserve, email, stating:
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3.11 Studio * LX FACTORY * Rua Rodrigues Faria * LISBOA

Go down the main street at LX FACTORY until you come to the bookshop “LER DEVAGAR”. Diagonally opposite LER DEVAGAR you will see the entrance shown in the pic.

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JÁ Staged Readings

JÁ Staged Readings are our very own ARTIST’S LAB dedicated to experiencing theatre raw. An opportunity for both budding and established actors to plunge into exciting scripts stripped to their central core – words and gestures alone…

A chance too for directors to workshop a pet project, for writers to hear and see their plays breathe free of the stress of an impending full production…

And for audiences to experience the intimacy of action and emotion a few feet away from you…

Very few props, little costume, minimal set, live music on occasion – these events are about re-connecting audience and actors, with a script leaping to life. A performance, a glass of wine, a discussion with our audience, and then we all move on!

2 Tracks. Our Staged Readings are based on a two-track approach. Track#1 is for major dramatists, experienced directors and established writers, ie our mainstream track designed to create enjoyable theatre for one and all.

DateAuthorPlayRolesVenuePerformance dates
MarchNabokovMaschenka2F, 6M 3.11 Studio, LX Factory, LisbonFri 16 Mar 2018, 20:00
MarchNabokovSpring in Fialta1F, 1M3.11 Studio, LX Factory, LisbonSat 17 Mar 2018, 17:00
MarchNabokovMusic1M3.11 Studio, LX Factory, LisbonSat 17 Mar 2018, 17:00
SeptHarold PinterCelebration4F, 5MLX Factory, LisbonFri 7 Sep 2018, 21:00
Sat 8 Sep 2018, 21:00

Track#2 is our more experimental vein, showcasing new writing, cross-genre collaborations, or a piece of theatrical technique in development… a chance for both specialists and theatregoers to develop innovative new ways of storytelling.

DateAuthorPlayRolesVenuePerformance dates
JuneMargarida RochaPessoa, First Person Plural2F, 6MLer Devagar, LX Factory, LisbonFri 29 Jun 2018, 22:00
Sun 1 Jul 2018, 18:00

If you’re intrigued by literature and theatre, Staged Reading Evenings are a wonderful way to sample new flavours! From Vladimir Nabokov and Ernest Hemingway to living writers like David Hare and Elena Ferrante, there’s something here for everybody!


  • Anna: in a corrupt state, an activist tries to raise her daughter, improve her wardrobe, and handle the attentions of a male colleague while focusing on her job
  • Celebration: three couples dine in a top-end London restaurant. Lambert and Julie are celebrating their wedding anniversary with Matt and Prue. Russell and Suki are seated at another table. Richard the waiter asks leave to interject. Underneath the banter darker currents run…
  • God of Carnage: a fight between two 11 year old boys leads to one of them losing two teeth. The two sets of parents meet to discuss the incident. Alan is a lawyer and his wife Anne works in wealth management. Veronica and Michael are the parents of the “victim”. As the evening goes on, the initial politeness between the two couples soon cracks.
  • Maschenka: Lev, a Russian officer exiled to a boarding house in Berlin, discovers that his long-lost first love, Maschenka, is now the wife of his awful neighbour, and that she will soon arrive at the train station where her husband plans to greet her…
  • Medea: Euripides’ classic tale of female revenge
  • Music: one evening, in the drawing room of a society hostess, the sight of the woman he loved and the sound of a piano propel a man down memory lane. How will she react? What do the memories mean for her?
  • Oslo: the true story of a Norwegian couple who organized breakthrough negotiations between Israeli PM Rabin and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat in 1993…
  • Pessoa, First Person Plural: this play, which weaves into its texture Fernando Pessoa’s multiple heteronyms, captures the moment when the poet meets the love of his life, Ofélia…
  • Spring in Fialta: Victor and Nina are two Russian expatriates who have an off-and-on affair over the course of fifteen years between 1917 and 1932 and who meet – for the last time – in a seaside resort called Fialta
  • The Astonished Heart: a psychiatrist falls disastrously in love with a woman who is an old friend of his wife
  • The Lonesome West: Coleman is interested only in eating. His brother Valene dotes on his religious ornaments, and drinks poteen. The brothers argue constantly and mercilessly. 17 yo Girleen is in love with the local priest, Father Welsh, who does his utmost to fix the relationship between the two brothers…


07sep(sep 7)9:00 pm08(sep 8)10:00 pmFeatured"Celebration" by Harold Pinter9:00 pm - 10:00 pm (8)