So what’s on the JÁ menu for the

Year of the Pig?

First up, 2 evenings with the Bard!


Shakespeare Spring Sonnets

A selection of Shakespeare’s sonnets set to music!

Dates and venue to be confirmed

then a series of drama workshops in Lisbon…


Shakespeare workshops

wherein we will plumb the depths of an array of characters and scenes picked from the sprawling corpus of the Bard’s works…

Workshop dates, venue & fees to be confirmed

To enrol for these workshops, please email with a CV, subject-lined “Shakespeare Workshops”, stating what you would like to get from a Shakespeare workshop. We will get back to you with a confirmation as soon as possible…

this is not confirmed but, for summer, we are ogling

William Wycherley’s sizzler

“The Country Wife”

In 1660, on his 30th birthday, Charles II recovers the English throne. The aristocracy and the acting fraternity around Charles – including his mistress, Nell Gwyn, one of the first female actors on the English stage – jettison the puritanism of the Roundhead era with glee…

If a man has a reputation as a rake and womanizer, how can he hope to approach women?

Harry Horner decides to spread the rumour that he is impotent… What husband could object to his wife being friendly with a eunuch?

Meanwhile, Mr Pinchwife has brought his young, comely, guileless new country wife to the capital. He attempts to keep her hidden away in order to protect her from the advances of rakish men…

** 5 splendiferous roles for female actors **
** 4 equally interesting roles for male actors **

Auditions to be confirmed!


Shakespeare Festival

For the end of the year, we are planning a Shakespeare Festival!
Different scenes from different Shakespeare plays… directed by different directors!
This is a hugely exciting project which will test our organizational skills to the limit…

As well as actors, directors and musicians, we are definitely looking for experienced crew…

To actors, directors, musicians and crew: please get in touch =