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Our Stage… Romani youth project!

We are proud to be hosting the first of three theatrical activities attempting to provide a transformative experience to Romani Youth in 7 countries by  giving them a stage to embody their stories.

This Erasmus+ initiative is a transnational project involving organizations from Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain which began in September 2022 and is now ready to hit the road with wheels rolling. The first major theatrical activity under this project will be launched in Lisbon on Oct. 16 with Romani artists and theatre technicians from our transnational partners arriving in Lisbon for a week-long immersive theatre development program culminating in a special free show on the evening of Oct. 20.
Stay tuned for more details on how to register for this event.
In the meantime, to learn more about the project, follow the link in the QR code on the event poster above.
The Portuguese artists participating in this project include Sílvia Almeida, Pat Butler, Thais Chanes, Mick Greer, Diogo Tormenta and Francisco Zaiden, directed by Suresh Nampuri.

In the happy aftermath of JÁ Fest

JÁ Fest from 10-18 April 2023 was the biggest event we have run in our five and a half years of existence!

Check out our Archive from time to time… as we recover from the whirlwind of activity, we will post a visual summary of the events!

In the meantime, a huge shout-out to all the theatre artists, music artists and poetry filmmakers who took part in this truly international festival. And the venues that welcomed us: Casa Fernando Pessoa, Cossoul, Polo Cultural Gaivotas, Prisma and Teatro do Bairro.

A huge shout-out too to our friends and colleagues in Theatre in Palm and the EU. Theatre in Palm is a Europe-wide theatre initiative developed and funded by the European Union in response to the depredations of the Covid pandemic. JÁ International Theatre was beyond proud to be the first theatre group to host a Theatre in Palm Festival… the next one will be in Sweden in 2025!

A huge shout-out as well to Rita and Ester and all the people who helped us put together the moving “4 Journalists” exhibition dedicated to the courage and example of 4 extraordinary women journalists: Veronica Guerin, Anna Politkovskaya, Natalia Estemirova and Daphne Caruana Galizia. As the war in Ukraine continues, our hope is that this exhibition will travel to other European cities. Watch this space!

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