New JÁ workshop starting soon!

“Connecting & Communicating through Drama”

Calling beginning actors, acting students and interested non-actors!

Join us on this workshop and explore the subtle interplay between characters that a dramatic text offers!

Put simply, how can we use our voices and our bodies to communicate emotions and intent?

Depending on the number of participants, we may divide the group into two… one group for non-actors and beginning actors, the other group for those with more experience.
We will work with a sumptuous banquet of texts from Thornton Wilder, David Hare, James Joyce, Chekhov and Shakespeare…

Details on dates, fees & enrollment coming very soon… subscribe to our mailchimp if you haven’t already!

New Já shows on YouTube!

In this pandemic world, we have embraced digital technology with passion!
We have several digital Já shows in preparation, including…

“The Dead”

A radical adaptation of James Joyce’s classic short story “The Dead”.
It is Christmas 2015. As political turmoil spreads across the land,
Gabriel Conroy, professor of Colonial Studies at Goldsmiths, lover of jazz, despiser of all things Irish and pooh-pooher of Empire mythbuilding, attends his aunts’ Christmas party in Dublin accompanied by his wife Gretta.
Amidst the snow and the revelry, a tune played on a piano stops Gretta in her tracks; the past comes blazingly alive without warning.
An evening which began so promisingly turns into an Orphic descent as husband and wife grapple with the stories they have told each other, stories of love, longing and pride.
As the night wearies on, against the sharp clarity of untrodden snow, they realise that dawn demands a final decisive choice.

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