by Jean-Paul Sartre

“L’enfer, c’est les autres”

Health and safety conditions permitting, our very first show for a live audience in 2022 will be Jean-Paul Sartre’s classic 1943 play “NO EXIT”

“L’enfer, c’est les autres”

Health and safety conditions permitting, our very first show for a live audience in 2022 will be Jean-Paul Sartre’s classic 1943 play “NO EXIT”

Three players, Infinite rounds, the oldest game on the floor…

Garcin, the croupier, a lounge lizard, who plies his trade of seduction in soirées that beguile long into the night.

Inez, the dice thrower, a social climber who has learnt to ignore her vulnerabilities with a single-minded focus on being socially relevant, a mission for which she must play the seduction game with whoever crosses her path, no matter how distasteful the other may be.

Estelle, kisser of the dice, the glamour girl, animal magnetism embodied. She makes men feel inadequate and women under-accomplished. The object of the seduction game.

It takes three to play!

And as the old vinegar goes, if you play long enough, the management always wins!

A vigorously dramatized and topical take on the provocative Sartre classic by veteran stage director Ed Hooks.

* Casting call to be announced shortly

* Directed by Ed Hooks

June-Aug: Summer workshops!

Following on from the well-received online acting workshop we ran in partnership with the Bluebird Theatre Company, we will be offering a series of online/real world hybrid workshops beginning in June for beginning and veteran artists alike.

These workshops to be run by JÁ in collaboration with invited teachers and other artistic organizations will offer exciting opportunities for participants to enrich their arsenal of performance skills and experience moments of shared creative inspiration.

Stay tuned for updates!

June&July: Movement!

JÁ will stage an interpretative movement performance conceived and executed by Elena Vertegel & Maeve Lambert which will explore the angst of contemporary urban existence reflected through the movements that occur in the city.

This project is supported by the Companhia Portuguesa de Bailado Contemporaneo (CPBC), Self-mistake and WBI (Wallonie-Bruxelles-International).

JÁ & the Erasmus programme

We continue to contribute to European theatre initiatives and to welcome young artists from the Erasmus programme.

We are currently working with 3 young artists:

Lithuanian artist Monika Valkunaite will teach musical theatre at the Vilnius Conservatory as part of a JÁ initiative before returning to Lisbon to be involved in our summer workshop program…

Turkish playwright Derman Gulmez is currently running international online and offline workshops on storywriting for women with participants from war-torn countries including Lebanon, Syria and the Balkans.

Her brief is to weave these stories into a cohesive memory play to be produced and eventually staged by JÀ exploring a remembered reality scarred by the anguish and trauma of death and devastation.

Lithuanian artist Rugile Sabonyte’s Erasmus program pulls in actors from 3 countries – Lithuania, Canada and Portugal – to do a deep dive into classic Slavic and Eastern European literature and dramaturgy, retooling select stories/plays to be stories for and of the present moment.

Her program is designed to culminate in a special JÁ showcase ‘The Age Of I’ – a curated performance that serves as an exploration of the female ID and volition at its rawest.

cover2cover podcasts… about books

Meanwhile, our very own Dan Cotterall and Tania Kumeda have been busy pumping juice into the cultural landscape with their heartfelt labour of love, the delightful cultural vignettes that make up the slowly expanding library of cover2cover podcasts

Recent episodes have looked at:

  • the extraordinary novel “The Vegetarian” by Korean writer Han Kang
  • the Old English poem “The Wanderer”, written around the year 900

Next up will be 3 episodes about the remarkable 12th century Chinese woman poet Li Qingzhao

Listen at

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