Orpheus’ fianceé Eurydice is found dead on the eve of their wedding. The grief-stricken man plunges into a hallucinogenic ‘trip’ into the underworld – ostensibly to get her back. But grief can mask things both noble and ignoble. In the darkness down below the wellsprings of human motivation are laid bare – a contemporary exploration of twisted desire and warped humanity set to a story of the ancient world, narrated for troubled times.

JÁ is proud to have been involved in the 2022 Academic Festival of Theatre (FATAL) at U.Lisboa. This presentation was the culmination of a semester of working with young psychologists on theatrical templates for defining the human mind. In 2022, as we emerged out of the pandemic, Grief and Loss were evident themes. Six months of work based on Grotowski and Chekov resulted in this adaptation of the ever-fresh legend of Orpheus in the Underworld.

Workshop and final presentation directed by Suresh Nampuri

Production assistant: Sophie Gamonal
A Já International Theatre workshop in association with U.Lisboa