JÁ International Theatre , in collaboration with Casa Raphael Baldaya, kicked off its JÁ-DOT (Digital Online Theatre) series with an Easter 2020 streaming of EQUINOX – a hot and cold double bill of two short monologue pieces that explore the long dark tea times of the soul.

April 21, 2020

Casa Raphael Baldaya, Lisboa

Cast & Summary


Woman Pat Butler

A risqué adaptation of the short story by Pinter, this monologue is a deep dive into the mind of a businesswoman increasingly aware that her twilight years are now upon her.

As she attempts to make sense of the story of her life, she must confront her loneliness and come to terms with her ultimately doomed attempts to form lasting connections with kith and kin.


Princess Inês Chora

Decades after a catastrophic nuclear conflict between two countries, a woman walks into a newly established Centre for Harmony and Reconciliation set up to facilitate one-on-one encounters between survivors from both countries. Thus begins a delicate unravelling of the myths and legends of wartime to expose a hidden truth even more devastating than the war.

Written and directed by Suresh Nampuri

Music by Íris Virgílio

Film editing by Peter Murphy