12 April 2023
 Teatro do Bairro, Lisboa

“FRAGMENTED REALITIES” is a performance created specifically for ZOOM about the fragmentation of reality we are living in now. Where are you, when you open your phone to check your social media, weather, or email? In which reality? Does reality change when you share it on ZOOM? “Fragmented Realities” explores Heisenberg’s statement that “reality only exists when it’s observed”. We all have different observational tools so how can we describe what is real?

“SINUO” from the Latin “sinus” for wind or curve is Arnis Aleinikovas’ chosen moniker as a composer of conceptual electronic music. This event is a musical dance-along DJed by Arnis as a celebration of free-ranging concepts and interwoven oddities, spanning Slavoj Žižek’s thoughts on happiness, Alan Watts on separation, politicians mouthing off on climate change and psychiatrists being interviewed on the topic of hatred to sounds from the primordial Cosmos, as captured by NASA, intermixed with personal documentary material.

The event music is drawn from his first two albums: “Emergency Exit” and “Perpetual Motion”.

Concept, directions, live editing: Arnis Aleinikovas (Lithuania)
Performed by:
Alžbeta Novakova (Czech Republic), Jachym Sura (Czech Republic), Sai Sai (Japan)