10 April 2023
 Teatro do Bairro, Lisboa

In this solo piece from ZID Theatre – conceived, choreographed and performed by Issam Zemmouri – contemporary dance, physical expression and visual poetry combine to define a journey stretching across the Mediterranean sea. The protagonist of the piece is Odysseus, always on the move, always on the cusp of the next big adventure. Encounters with different cultures, languages and civilizations take us on a quest through past, present and future. ‘Can I be myself?’ is the question the traveller finds themself asking over and over again as they grapple with the rules and obstacles of the game.


Created, choreographed and performed by: Issam Zemmouri


Production Coordinator: Georgia Beckmann
Stage Manager: Rita Baldaya
Production Assts: Yeliz Balim, Pat Butler, Meryem Dutouglu, Alex Landy, Aodh O’Regan, Catarina Rebelo Guerra, Francisco Zaiden