III short plays by Harold Pinter & Tennessee Williams

December 6 & 8, 2018

Ler Devagar, LX Factory, Lisboa


Interrogator Pat Butler

Woman Cátia Rodrigues

Girl Margarida Leão

Author, Man, Mr Paradise Jorge Soares

Directed by Suresh Nampuri

Musician Ileana Brâncoveanu

Video & Photo Rui Pedro

Stage Manager Rosa Gavin

In III, our final performance for 2018, we started with a movement improvisation set to music, inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Come and Go. This was followed by 3 short one-act plays:

  • Harold Pinter’s ONE FOR THE ROAD. An interrogation in a repressive state that lays bare the vulnerability of power
  • Tennessee William’s TALK TO ME LIKE THE RAIN AND LET ME LISTEN. A man and a woman grapple with regret at misspent youth and untamed sensation
  • Tennessee William´s MR. PARADISE. A writer is given one last stab at leaving a legacy

Once again, Já stripped stage action to its core, deleting bells, whistles and baubles – minimal props, no sets, just plain raw dramatic energy channelled by actors and text.