6-8 October 2023
 people’s apartments, Lisboa

IORGENNALE is a shifting art festival hosted in domestic spaces in various European cities. After Croatia, Germany, Hungary and Moldova, the 5th edition came to Lisbon with 4 live performances taking place in people’s Lisbon apartments. Guests were asked to bring an object that symbolizes “home” for them.

A local Lisbon artist – Alex Gigas – and three artists from Romania – Jean-Lorin Sterian, Mădălina Dan and Răzvan Țupa – brought culture right into the center of the domestic space: a performative exhibition, music, poetry and a one-to-one tactile choreography.

The event was organized by the Romanian group Asociația Homemade Culture, in partnership with VAGAR Associação (PT) and JÁ International Theatre (PT).

This project was co-financed by the Romanian Cultural Institute through the Cantemir Programme – a funding framework for international cultural projects.

Concept: Jean-Lorin Sterian (Romania)
Jean-Lorin Sterian, Mădălina Dan & Răzvan Țupa (Romania), Alex Gigas (Portugal)