JAGGED 3 plays from the edge (Pinter & LaBute)

July 3-7, 2019

Ler Devagar, LX Factory, Lisboa

Cast & Crew

Salesman Daniel Cotterall

Moodmaker David Personne

Medea Myriam Santos

Bartender Pat Butler

Directed by Suresh Nampuri

Stage Managers: Elena Vertegel & Tom Zahrádka

Production Assistant Jorge Santos

Video & Photo António Pedro Ramalhinho, Rui Pedro

3 interweaved monologues, set in a neverwhere bar somewhere in the twilight zone of memory…

A bartender listlessly polishes glasses while a moodmaker strums on his guitar. MONOLOGUE by Harold Pinter. In a bid to free herself from the shackles of memory, the bartender begins to speak…

IPHIGENIA IN OREM by Neil LaBute. A travelling salesman enters with a zombie-like young woman. He is resolved to stop clocking up pointless miles and instead face the spectres haunting him in his rear-view mirror. He starts to tell the woman his story…

As the salesman finishes and exits, the bartender calls closing time, but the young woman stays on. MEDEA by Neil LaBute. Parched with thirst, she stares into the bottom of a full glass of water, in her turn entranced by the horrible memories floating in it…

The bartender brings the spectacle to a close.