11-13 April 2023
 Teatro do Bairro, Lisboa


OBJECT ALIVE! – Object and material animation

Have you ever seen an inanimate object come alive in front of your eyes and thought to yourself: how is this possible? Or maybe you have caught yourself talking with or seeing faces in objects, admiring a lonely plastic bag dancing wildly along the street in the morning breeze? This workshop explored and expanded on these moments of interconnectedness in the context of theatrical and performance creation rituals. In this 3 day workshop, participants:

    • dove into the enchanting world of object and material animation

    • found tricks for waking things up and keeping them alive

    • got inspired by sempiternal myths

    • created unforeseen creatures and became acquainted with their ways of life

    • explored the magic of breathing together and listening to different materials and their fellow performers

This 3-day puppetry workshop was created and led by Finnish puppetmaster Maiju Tainio.