1 August, 2020

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Man in the Mirror Mick Greer

Second in the series of JÁ-DOT (Digital Online Theatre) offerings, this vigorous adaptation of Chekhov’s classic introduces us to an actor who has been – outrageously! – put out to pasture, and isn’t having a bar of it!

On a dark and rainy night, sitting in an empty theatre, he is unable to avoid confronting the past staring back at him from the dressing room mirror. In a last ditch quest to understand, he plunges into the murky depths of memory. As he stumbles forward through a thickets of regrets and recriminations, and bolstered by an incessant stream of whisky, he begins to realise that he has one last performance left in him – the role of a man who must face the untold truth of his life. Not for nothing do they say: In vino veritas.