Theatre Fighting with David Chan

Workshop led by: David Chan
Date: February 10-12, 2023


This workshop gave participants from Norway to Peru an opportunity to dig into texts from Chekhov, Ariel Levy, Brecht, Shakespeare and John Patrick Shanley.

Actors worked through scenes and monologues, gaining a sense not just of authorial intent but of the active impulse that lies at the core of the actor’s presence on stage or screen.

They discovered innovative ways of interpreting character, inhabiting scenes and manipulating their own presence as well as that of the screen partner to tell the truth behind the tremors of love and vengeance.


Nathalie: “Carmo and Suresh shared with us tools, techniques and materials to practice the act of performing and what it means to occupy space and be in a character from a virtual standpoint which is an incredible challenge. Each participant was able to perform and receive constructive feedback from Suresh and Carmo. Would definitely recommend this experience to any newcomer and would do it again.”

Nicole: “Working with Carmo and Suresh was remarkable. They allowed me to open myself and explore other approaches to internalize a text. I have learned from both of them with the exercises, texts and advice that were given in class. It was four days to receive tools to improve my technique that I will be able to use forever.”

Oana: “The Ja/Bluebird worshop was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn more about theater tools as well as discover new facets in myself. For me the best were the warm-up exercices and the interaction with the others. Then the exploration of the text and especially how that affected us. Main take from the workshop: use my voice while being connected to others… stay grounded all times. The promise to be grounded we made to ourself during the worshop was a great idea. What can be improved? Sometimes there were internet problems and we missed the physical presence of the other participants.”