Prisma Estúdio

4-5 June, 2022


Carina A. Stiefel
Sam Fromkin
Queen Queerlysh
Laurence Alliston-Greiner

What is the queer experience? Is it a state of mind, a strain of life more vivid than others, or a reflexive questioning of what makes us human? Maybe it’s all of them.
True Reflections was a weekend festival that explored and celebrated tuncharted and uniquely beautiful varieties of human experience that are still very much emergent.
Four international artists invited the audience into a performative safe space to engage with their takes on lived realities.

Carina’s “Free yourSELF” was an interactive performance, designed to liberate the inner voice. It was about creating a safe space, celebrating our beauty and fucked up glory and creating an ocean of breath and sounds together.

Sam’s “I Am Not There” was about his struggles to find himself in places where he is not present… in relationships, on the stage, and off the stage while watching what is happening in the world around him.

Queen Queerlysh’s performance consisted of improvisation built around suggestions from audience members escalating into full-blown hip-hop songs or stories. With her comedic timing, poetic literacy and freestyle rapping abilities, Queen Queerlysh blurs the line between comedy show, concert and storytelling. Themes included feminism, mental health, LGBTQIA+ female issues, and dogs!

Laurence’s “I AM A MAN AM I” was an exploration of gender, sexuality and the body in performance. Imagined as a site-responsive performance installation, the piece invites the audience to reflect on their own relationship with, and beliefs about, gender identity, sexual preferences, hegemony, and morality.

Produced by Suresh Nampuri and Pernille Schulte
Production assistent: Sophia Gamonal
A Já International Theatre production in association with Prisma Estúdio