13 April 2023
 Polo Cultural Gaivotas, Lisboa

Yoga for Dancers is a yoga practice that focuses on body awareness and is specifically designed for professional dancers and performing artists who use movement in their work. Its aim is to strengthen and promote deep recovery of the body. YfD targets two areas:

  1. The first is the strengthening of muscles that are in great need of care when working out at a high level, such as adductors, biceps femoris and abdominals

  2. The second is the recovery of muscles such as the iliopsoas and piriformis, that are overworked in the dancing body

Drawing from her experience in professional dance, facilitator Martina Kosta Diankova chose a set of the most suitable exercises for YfD, utilizing the principles, vocabulary, and sequences of yoga to create this workshop program. The first segment of the workshop was a gentle introduction to YfD techniques. The final segment introduced the participants to spherical learning, which encompasses an in-depth understanding of the body’s anatomy and functionality. The facilitator set out protocols to structure and personalize individual practice to meet one’s unique needs. The session concluded with a creative Q&A session which helped contextualise the lessons learnt and working practices acquired during the program.