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At Já, we are performers who seek to move you. We may be a fledgling organisation, but we have ambition. If you believe in us and what we do, then we need your support, in whatever shape or form you can give it! We invite you to share in our dream…


  • ​Make a Donation! ​Share your passion by ​making a donation. Go to the SHOP page​!​
  • ​Become a ​Member! ​​​Join the Amigo​s​ da Já International Theatre. Go to the SHOP page and click on Join Amigos da Já
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​We offer ​a barrowful of benefits!

Bronze Member

25 € for 1 year

50% off 1 ticket

Complimentary Já mug

Silver Member

45 € for 2 years

50% off 2 tickets

Complimentary Já mug

Gold Member

500 € for 2 years

4 free tickets to every show

Invites to Já special events

Corporate SPONSORS

For Já, corporate sponsorship is crucial.

Without the commitment and generosity of businesses, it would be impossible to see many initiatives through.

The sponsorship of theatre shows enables more new productions, including commissions from writers, contributing to Já’s artistic vitality.

Closely involved with the life of Já, corporate sponsors enhance their image in return, and gain exclusive advantages for their employees (backstage tours, special access to shows and rehearsals, meetings with the artists, and so on).

Bronze Sponsor

1.000 €

12 free tickets per year

JÁ events info

Discounts Já SHOP

Logo on Website

Preferential contact

Silver Sponsor

5.000 €

24 Free tickets per year

JÁ events info

Discounts Já SHOP

Logo on Website

Logo in Program

Preferential contact

Gold Sponsor

10.000 €

36 Free tickets per year

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Discounts Já SHOP

Logo on Website

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4 days Já Talent

Preferential contact

Our Bronze & Silver Sponsors


As a member of the Portuguese community, Já is proud to be connected to:

  • Serve The City, an organization that hails from Brussels but which reaches out to citizens ​in need in many cities around the world;
  • AMURT, an NGO created in India in 1965, whose mission is to improve the lives of poor people and people whose lives have been turned upside down by natural disasters and conflicts;
  • the Angolan institute Mosaiko, a non-profit committed to human rights in Angola and the development of Angolan society.

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