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Dan Cotterall

Pedras no caminho? Guardo todas, um dia vou construir um castelo

A kiwi, Dan studied literature in New Zealand and then at Oxford (M.Phil.) and ived and acted in China for ten years. Roles he remembers with pleasure include Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, Claudius in Hamlet, ‘A’ in Beckett’s Rough for Theatre 2, the Italian opera singer Tito in Ken Ludwig’s Lend me a Tenor, the blustery Smirnov in Chekhov’s The Bear and Lambert in Já’s staged reading of Celebration. Dan reckons that theatrics are the ultimate anti-ageing medication!

Margarida Rocha e Melo

Suit the word to the action and action to the word

Margarida is an actress, journalist and scriptwriter. After a literature degree at NOVA University, a Journalism course at Cenjor, and Drama studies at the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema in Lisbon, she completed an MA in Dramaturgy at King’s College, London and a course at the Royal Academy of Art (RADA).

She has played Lady Anne in Shakespeare’s Richard III, Rosalind in As You Like It, Christine in Strindberg’s Miss Julie, and the title role in Aristophanes’ Lysistrata. But it was as Elena Popova in Chekov’s The Bear that she met her Já International Theatre ‘matches’!

Suresh Nampuri

And time sped like a falcon on wings from its eyrie in the past into the zephyrs of history

Suresh is a wandering Ragamuffin whose primary occupations involve asking what lies inside a black hole and what lies beneath the facades and gentle mien of human architecture; he frequently finds himself answering one with the techniques of the other.

He has had directorial and thespian training and experience in various countries. On his peregrinations, he has done political theatre, explored urban angst in America, waltzed with Greek tragedy and is now discovering, in the lilting rhymes of Lusitanian art, the song and fury that Camoes first channeled, to spark the fierce imagination that runs wild in the oceans.

Tania Kumeda

It’s only terrible to have nothing to wait for

An actress and director born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Tania prefers movement to waiting. Her dynamism, passion for art, ambition and international outlook led her to the cultural ferment of Lisbon. Over several successful projects, Tania met up with a bunch of like-minded artistic souls, and was spurred to create with them Já International Theatre.

Tania holds a Master’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature from Taras Shevchenko University in Kyiv. “From heart to script and from script to stage” is the leitmotif of her international career.



Alexia Kalteis

Alexia Kalteis is an actress, painter and theatre producer from Austria who has spent much of her life moving from country to country: India, Macedonia during the Kosovo War, Greece, Washington DC, and then 13 years in China. Her adventures, joys, hardships, blessings and mistakes all fused in the “Middle Kingdom” to form her philosophy: Love must continue to steer you, come what may. Alexia loves to draw eyes, because they are “the window to the soul”, and loves to lay her eyes on new ones. After years of wandering, she is re-establishing herself in Austria as a talent broker.

Allie Mazon

Allie Mazon is a multi-disciplinary performing artist. She earned her Master’s in Classical Voice at Mannes Conservatory in New York City. During her time in NY, she created two original shows, Operotic and Femmes Fatales, combining her love for singing, burlesque, and aerial dance. After graduating she moved to Europe to act, sing, do cabaret and create one-woman shows like the one she is taking to Edinburgh Fringe in 2018. Allie loves exploring the many facets of the performing arts and dreams of working on a major TV project. Subscribe to her YouTube channel at

Anna Hintsyak

Theatre helps us understand others, but also to learn more about ourselves.

Anna Hintsyak was born in West Ukraine. After moving to Portugal, she completed a BA in Language, Literature and Culture at the Faculty of Letters in Lisbon. She is currently working in translation services but is keen to become more involved in the art world. In 2016 she made her first stage appearance in the Rehearsed Reading of A Night in Lisbon and loved the experience. After being actor and spectator, she is delighted to move into the organisational side as JÁ’s stage manager.

Cátia Delgado

Cátia Delgado is through and through, a Lisboner. She has a degree in engineering and makes cartoons when she’s in the mood. Her romance with English, both the language and culture, began in her adolescence when she discovered Agatha Christie’s novels… and the inimitable Patricia Routledge as Hyacinth ‘Bouquet-not-Bucket’.

She’s been happily crooning with the University of Lisbon Choir for the last five years, but essentially she loves to sing classical jazz. She made her English theatre debut in 2017 with Filipe Thomaz’s musical Freedom Again at the Lisbon Players, and in 2018 played Julie in Celebration with JÁ International Theatre.


Dave Earl

Dave is an English-born New Zealander who started in theatre at the age of 8. He ran away to sea at 16 but returned to the New Zealand stage in 1999. Theatrically he’s been loved, hated, drunk, married, sung to, knighted and beheaded. Dave’s globetrotting lifestyle has seen him perform in England, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Germany and Portugal. He has played in a diverse range of productions including The 39 Steps, Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Glen Garry Glen Ross, A Man for All Seasons and An Inspector Calls.


Diogo Velez

After studying Management at NOVA University and working for several years in this field, Diogo opted to take a Drama Course. He chose the ACT Escola de Actores Course in Lisbon and fell in love with the world of acting. He is now embarked on a career as a professional actor. He played Guiderius in Shakespeare’s Cymbeline at Teatro do Bairro, and has also appeared in shows such as Molière En Vers et Contre Tout, directed by Petronille de Saint-Rapt, in both Lisbon and Paris, and Casos do Beco das Sardinheiras produced by the Aloes theatre company.

Elena de Salvatore

Elena is fascinated by communication in all its different aspects, whether it be language, art, design, music or movement. After studying Chinese language and culture in Venice, she took up a post in Shanghai. While there, she rediscovered her childhood passion for theatre, playing Maria in Lend Me a Tenor and the principal role in the Edgar Allan Poe piece The Cask of Amontillado by East West Theater.

Unable to still mind and body, she decided to deepen her yoga practice. She is currently based in Palma de Mallorca, working as a fulltime yoga teacher and massage therapist.

Fernando Nobre

Born in Mozambique, Fernando graduated from the Lisbon School for Theatre and Cinema in 2004. He has appeared in films such as Rainha Jinga and Cidade Despida, tv series such as SAL, novelas Sol de Inverno, Laços de Sangue and Ouro Verde and in 50 theatrical productions.

For the theatre, he directed Historias de Amor sem Fim with Micaela Reis, Bom Feeling with Sara Tavares, and Ofelia with Sofia Baessa, an original adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Fernando teaches theatre classes on interpretation, body expression and voice. He is also the lead singer of the band Cais Sodré Funk Connection.

Jojo Hui

Jojo Hui, a Sagittarius from Shanghai, works as a senior merchandiser for a US retail chain. Her first opportunities to act came when she was at college. After graduation, she had roles in several Chinese plays. In 2014, she joined Shanghai Shakespeare, acting in both English and Chinese. She played Octavia in Antony and Cleopatra and Cressida in Troilus and Cressida and had roles in three short Beckett plays. She was also cast as Lady Macbeth, and Carol in Oleanna, but those projects were not performed in public. Passionate about theatre, Jojo’s heart beats for the stage.

Kirill Shulga

Kirill (Kyrylo) Shulga is a Ukrainian actor based in Shanghai. His theater work in China includes the roles of Angel Face in Fight Club, Rosencrantz  in Hamlet, Achilles in Troilus and Cressida and Peter in Prelude to a Kiss. Film and TV work includes roles in Those who Can’t Teach and Jackie Chan’s KungFu Yoga as well as Angel of Death in KungFu Wars. Kirill has also appeared in commercials for brands like Union Pay, Robor and JollyChic. He is currently working on a huge immersive stage version of Titanic in Shanghai, in which he will play Jack.

Margarida Figueiredo

Margarida began her career as a public performer as a gymnast doing rhythmic and acrobatic gymnastics. She then developed a passion for the piano, and studied at the Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional in Lisbon. Her theatrical journey also began in Lisbon. She studied musical theatre at EDSAE, playing Prudy Pingleton in Hairspray, June in Chicago and the Wolf and the Stepmother in Into the Woods. In September 2018, after playing Suki in Já’s Staged Reading of Celebration, she left for IAB in Barcelona to study for a Bachelor’s degree in Musical Theatre.


Nicole Hutcheson

Born and raised in Arkansas, USA, Nicole grew up doing theatre, painting, and playing music. Studying for a Media Communication and Theatre degree, she found she enjoyed the directing and production side of theatre and film as much as acting. She worked with Theatre@UAFS and film companies on a range of stage and film projects, being alternately manager, director, cast member and costume designer.

After graduating, Nicole moved to Lisbon where she works with the International Mission Board and is excited to pursue opportunities with Já and in the artistic community.

Pat Butler

Since leaving her native England many years ago, Pat has lived and worked in various European countries. Wherever she has found herself, theatre and acting have always been a key part of her life.

Her stage appearances have ranged from the sublime – Sister Aloysius in Doubt, to the ridiculous – Fritz in A Dog’s Life, and from the classical – Emilia in Othello, to the contemporary – Annie in Calendar Girls. She has also appeared on Flemish television and in the video installation Perhaps All The Dragons, by the Berlin Theatre Collective.

Rui Vasco Augusto

After first treading the boards, in 1985, at Estrela Hall, home of The Lisbon Players, Rui enjoyed six fun years in theatre before finding himself consumed by other responsibilities and unable to act. Finally, after a hiatus of 25 years, he returned to the stage in 2015, and since then has taken part in a handful of plays by authors such as Peter Shaffer, Noël Coward and Chekhov. Most recently, he played Don Pedro in Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing.

“I thank my family for their support and for putting up with my daydreams. I love you”.

Sara Sanz

Sara graduated from Corazza Actors Studio in Madrid in 2016. An actress, dancer and avid traveller, Sara has performed in Spain, the USA and China, notably as the Black Cat in Edgar Allan Poe’s Macabre Tales. In Spain, she played Isabella in David Hebrero’s film Dulcinea. Theatre roles include Colorina in Tejas Verdes by Fermin Cabal; X in Love and Information by Caryl Churchill; Elizabeth in Faith, Hope and Charity by Odon von Orvarth and Niña in Las Mujeres que me Habitan by Marta Arteaga. She is currently involved in a research project on Antigone led by Catalina Llado.